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Web Development Resources

Since I have been in Web Development for like forever, I’d like to put some resources I found useful and interesting for my future references. If this can also help you, that’s cool.

Clearing Floats Elegantly

The tutorial will introduce and guide you to clear floating elements. It also deals with browsers’ specific problems.


This allows you to easily embed a chat box anywhere in your Web page. You only need to enter a few properties, such as chat title, font, box size, and color. Then they will provide you with a JavaScript code to put somewhere in your Web page.

CSS for Bar Graphs

A good tutorial to show you how to create bar graphs only with CSS.

CSS for Bar Graphs

Custom Radio (Option) Buttons and Checkboxes

You can customize your radio buttons and checkboxes using this tool.

Custom Radio (Option) Buttons and Checkboxes

Fancy Menu with JavaScript and CSS

A tutorial on creating a very cool menu with JavaScript effect and CSS.

Forms Without Tables

Want to create forms without tables? Take a look at this tutorial.

Forms Without Tables

Light Weight CSS Tabs

Using CSS to create light weight tabs for Web navigation.

Light Weight CSS Tabs

Star Rating

A tutorial on how to create interactive star rating using CSS.

CSS Star Rating

Transparent PNG in Internet Explorer 6 and Older

Prior to Internet Explorer 7 — i.e., IE 6 —, IE cannot render transparent PNG images correctly. Fortunately we can resolve the problem pretty easily using JavaScript. Find the JavaScript code and tutorial on how to use it in the above link.

Next, I’ll put some resources related to SharePoint.