LiquidSilver Beta released

As usual, it’s available at Codeplex.


  • HgContextclass
    • Added Execute(bool elevateContext, HgContextCode code) method.
    • (Breaking change) Removed the constructors and the IDisposable interface. The class now is static and can only be used via its static methods and delegates.
    • (Breaking change) Replaced the explicit delegates with action delegates.
  • HgListItemclass
    • Fixed a bug in the SetLookup method.
    • Added parser methods for GUID type.
    • Renamed HgListItem.ID to HgListItem.Id.
  • HgRoleclass
    • Refactored HgRole.DoesPrincipalsContainUser to remove unnecessary type casting.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Added a CA (Code Analysis) custom dictionary to make exception for Hg keywords.
    • Removed all CA message suppressions for Hg casing.
    • Added the LiquidSilver.HgImpersonationContext class for impersonation purpose.
  • LiquidSilver.Extra project
    • Added the UserControlLoader Web part to load and manage user control.
  • LiquidSilver.Tests project
    • Added this project for unit testing.
    • Added some tests for HgContext and HgList.