LiquidSilver Beta released

LiquidSilver Beta has been released on Codeplex.

Changes in this version:

  • HgElevatedContext
    • Revamped the HgElevatedContext class to be more usable.
    • Renamed the HgElevatedContext class to the HgContext class.
  • HgContext
    • Modified the HgContext class to make the context elevation optional.
  • HgList
    • Changed the default batch size to 1000 (was 2000).
    • Added the AddFolderStructure() method.
    • Added the GetAllItems() method.
    • Added the BaseGetAllItems() method.
    • Fixed the AddFolderStructure() and AddFolder() methods
  • HgListItem
    • Added the SetLookup(Guid fieldId, string lookupValue) method.
    • Added the SetLookup(string fieldName, string lookupValue) method.
    • Refactored the field name resolution in the field parsers method to improve the
    • Fixed the GetDate() method not parsing the value correctly.
  • HgListItemVersion
    • New class to manage list item’s versions.
  • HgSecurity
    • Refactored classes not to dependant on the HgSecurity class.
    • Removed the HgSecurity class as it introduces potential memory leaks.

If you want to try it, you can download the code and binary from Codeplex.

Kindly submit bug reports to the issue tracker or visit the resource page for more information.